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The Occult and the Mystery Schools

I know this will sound strange to those of you who have not been exposed to these topics already, but you cannot have a complete understanding of modern politics and finance without being well versed in the Occult. A great number of world leaders throughout human history have belonged to occult groups (Ancient Mystery Schools, Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Illuminati, Jesuits, Cabalists, Theosophists,and countless other "Secret Societies"). The ideas generated by these organizations surely have influenced the course of civilization from its very beginnings.

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occult. You will see that the word has a very broad definition.

In case you firmly subscribe to the materialistic/Newtonian view of reality and believe that there is no scientific basis for the occult sciences, please read the quantum physics blog by clicking here. Quantum physics has confirmed many occult philosophies. Please don't take my word for up! It may change the way you perceive reality. We're not talking about some obscure branch of science either. Einstein was a founder! I wouldn't exactly call him a kook.

Here is a taste of what you will be in for when diving into the world of quantum physics.

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In researching this bizarre subject, I found that the origins of occult practices date back to the beginnings of civilization. Many authors claim that the Mystery Schools of the Occult were set up over 40,000 years ago. It seems likely that there were shamen and priests who held knowledge through study and meditative practices that set them apart from the rest of the population. These adepts would have only passed this knowledge down to a selected few. You see this pattern over and over again amongst the secret societies. They all claim to hold knowledge that the general population does not have access to that they will only pass along to an elite few. Those who are deemed worthy to accept this occult or hidden knowledge must go through some sort of initiation. From there the novice must continue his studies and gradually more knowledge will be revealed to him as he graduates through a system of "degrees".

Manly P. Hall (33rd degree freemason) sums up this process in "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" on page 39 where he says:

"There are however, but few mature minds in the world; and thus it was that the philosophic-religious doctrines of the pagans were divided to meet the needs of these two fundamental groups of human intellect-- one philosophic, the other incapable of appreciating the deeper mysteries of life. The discerning few were revealed the esoteric, or spiritual, teachings, while the unqualified many received only the literal, or exoteric, interpretations. In order to make simple the great truths of nature and the abstract principles of natural law, the vital forces of the universe were personified, becoming the gods and goddesses of the ancient mythologies. While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of Priapus and Pan (deities representing the procreative en
ergies,), the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truth."

Manly Hall's complete book is embedded below. If you create an account (It's FREE!!!) at you can download the entire book as a pdf for free.

Manly P Hall The Secret Teachings of All Ages

So far, nothing sinister has been presented. All we have established is that throughout human history there has been a process of revealing truth to a select few (esoteric truth), while withholding that truth from the masses. In place of the esoteric truth reserved by the preisthood, a different version of reality is presented to the common man (exoteric truth).

This process enables an elite few to manage and withhold information while the masses remain ignorant. What happens when these ultra powerful elite become corrupt? That is the question that we are going to attempt to answer. Given that throughout human history this esoteric/exoteric archetype has been the primary force behind the progression of human civilization, would it not be appropriate to ask whether or not our current socio-economic and political systems conform to the same dynamic? Perhaps our true rulers wield power from behind the scenes of the exoteric government(s), religions, and corporations of the world.

In the video clip below, researcher Bill Cooper gives us an allegory as to how this esoteric/exoteric relationship has worked throughout history.

Esoteric Agenda - Introducing the Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. When the general public speaks of the "Illuminati" this is usually the sect they are referring to. At about 6 minutes into the video, the narrator starts to speak of the relationship between the house of Rothschild and the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. In case you are unfamiliar with the house of Rothschild, click here for some brief background on this powerful banking family.

The articles below support the view that Weishaupt was commissioned by Mayer Rothschild to create the Illuminati. The Rothschild dynasty has and continues to play a major role in the engineering of human affairs.

In this article, Weisaupt is quoted as saying:

wrote: "The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment, let it never appear, in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it." He also wrote: "For the Order wishes to be secret, and to work in silence, fo
r thus it is better secured from the oppression of the ruling powers, and because this secrecy gives a greater zest to the whole."

This Weishaupt quote from the book "World Revolution" by Nesta Webster provides yet another glimpse into the psyche of this megalomaniac:

"Foolish people, with money to burn, were especially welcomed. Weishaupt wrote: "These good people swell our numbers and fill our money box; set yourselves to work; these gentlemen must be made to nibble at the bait...But let us beware of telling them our secrets, this sort of people must always be made to believe that the grade they have reached is the last." Weishaupt explained: "One must speak sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors." And what was that purpose? It was "nothing less than to win power and riches, to undermine secular or religious government, and to obtain the mastery of the world."

There is a wealth of info on the Illuminati in these articles:

Here is the best evidence I have of connecting the house of Rothschild to the Bavarian Illuminati:

This may seem out of place, but I think It is important to bring up this point should you choose to pursue your research on the occult from this point. Please understand that the term "Luciferian" does not mean satanic. It is a held belief by many occult organizations that the roman church mis-identified Lucifer as being Satan. I am inclined to agree with them because nowhere in the bible does it say that Lucifer
is Satan. Lucifer is the light bringer meaning the bringer of knowledge in occult theology. We will get into this subject more later, but for now it is important to keep in mind that when you hear the term Lucifer being uttered by occult adepts, it does not mean that they are talking about an evil deity.

Here is a good article to use as a proof of the Illuminati takeover of Masonry about 8:30 min into Esoteric Agenda:

"At the conclusion of the Congress the members of the Illuminati were "completely satisfied." Knigge reported to Weishaupt afterwards: "All of them," he said, "were enchanted with our degrees of Epopt and of Regent (The Cause of World Unrest, (1920), p. 17). The Comte de Virieu, however, returned from the Congress and refused to say what had been decided: "I can only tell you tha
t all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape from it" (Gary Kahl, En Route to Global Occupation, (1991), p. 25-26). The Comte de Virieu thereafter "could only speak of Freemasonry with horror," according to his biographer M. Costa de Beauregard (William T. Still, New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, (1990), p. 82). The Wilhelmsbad Congress "made it possible for the revolutionary tool of the Asiatic financiers to control the continental set-up." After the Wilhelmsbad Congress, the headquarters for illuminized Freemasonry was moved to Frankfort (Fritz Springmeir, The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, (1995), p. 173). wilhelms.htm"

This article backs up what the video says about the debts of United States owed to Britain for the war are still valid even after the US adopts the constitution. It also illustrates how the states were broken up into dis
tricts and set up as corporations and that the IRS is not a government entity.

Article six section one of the constitution ensures the validity of loans from the King incurred prior to the revolution; it states; "All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation."

According to the article, the Articles of Confederation acknowledged that the debt was owed to King George specifically. Why would he loan money to his enemy? The next question is, where did King George get the money to loan to the US? It is a typical Rothschild tactic to loan money to both sides of a conflict with the condition that the winner will honor the loser's debts.

At about 13:46, the documentary says that 33 of the 35 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. I couldn't substantiate this. I did find the website of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania which confirms that 9 of the signers were masons and another 11 were rumored to be masons.

Occult influences on Modern Politics

It is very difficult to find good information on what role the occult plays on the world stage in modern times. There are the obvious groups like the Freemasons and Skull & Bones which are certainly occult organizations, but the amount of influence these groups exert on modern government is very hard to discern. Most researchers make a distinction between the roles these different groups play in the New World Order (please see the New World Order Quotes Blog if you are unfamiliar with this concept). For example, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderbergs are the organizations used to initiate political and economic agendas for the elite, while the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Theosophists, and other occult groups are the spiritual arm of the New World Order. I find it hard to believe that any one of these groups operates in a vacuum and there must be a huge amount of overlap.

A majority of researchers agree that the Rothschilds commissioned Weishaupt to create the Illuminati. Read this article for more on the Rothschild's connections to secret societies.

"The Rothschilds had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati, (25) and it is known that a least one of the sons of Amschel was a member. As the reader remembers, Amsel placed his sons in the major European capitals, where they each set up the principal banking houses. By their own secret intelligence service and their own news network they could outmanouver any European government. (26) The large amounts of voluminous correspondence by Rothschild couriers attracted attention, (27) but no one ever stopped their personal intelligence and mail services. After the Bavarian illuminati were exposed, the central occult power over the European secret societies shifted to Carbonarism a.k.a. the Alta Vendita,(28) led by another powerful Rothschild, Karl Rothschild,29 son of Amschel. In 1818, Karl participated in a secret document that was sent out to the head-quarters of Masonry from the Alta Vendita.

The Masons were quite distressed when a copy of this was lost, and offered rewards to anyone who could return the lost copy. It was originally written in Italian. Its title translates ,,Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry."(30) The Masonic reference book 10,000 Famous Freemasons, Vol. 4, p.74, indicates two other sons of Amschel were Masons, James Meyer Rothschild, and his brother Nathan Meyer Rothschild. James Rothschild in Paris was a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason, and his brother Nathan in London was a member of the Lodge of Emulation. And Jewish Freemason Katz indicates Solomon Meir Rothschild, a third member of the five brothers, was initiated into Freemasonry on June 14, 1809.(31) The Rothschilds became powerful within Freemasonry. We find the Saint-Simonians, the occult religious millenialist forerunners of communism, praising Baron de Rothschild in their magazine Le Globe, "There is no one today who better represents the triumph of equality and work in the nineteenth century than M. le Baron de Rothschild... .Was this Jew born a millionaire? No, he was born poor, and if only you knew what genius, patience, and hard work were required to construct that European edifice called the House of Rothschild, you would admire rather than insult it." Lionel de Rothschild (the de was added by the French Rothschilds) was involved with the first communist Internationale. The Mason Mazzini who helped start communism praised Rothschild, "Rothschild could be King of France if he so desired."32 Adoiphe Cremieux, was a french Jewish Mason (see chap. 1.4 for his credentials). The Rothschilds gave at least £ i ,000 to Cremieux to go to Damascus with Salomon Munk, and Sir Moses Montefiore to win the release of Jews imprisoned there, and to convince the Turkish Sultan to declare the charges of ritual murder false.33 According to the three Jewish authors of Dope, Inc. the B’nai B’rith was a spin-off of the Order of Zion and was organized as a "covert intelligence front" for the House of Rothschild. It is highly probable that the B’nai B’rith was used as a Rothschild intelligence cover.

Beginnings of the Round Table Groups (CFR and RIIA) and Rothschild Connection to the Modern Esoteric Political Organizations

The round table groups are the more public and political arms of the Illuminati. This article explains the Rothschilds' role in the formation of the modern esoteric political organizations:

"The Rothschilds were closely related to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Although many people today would not view the CFR as a secret society it was originally set up as part of a secret society and it was kept secret for many years, in spite of its awesome power. Carroll Quigley, professor of International Relations at the Jesuit Georgetown University, exposed the Round Table Group with his book Tragedy and Hope.(34) The Rothschilds supported Rhodes to form De Beers. (35) Later, Rhodes made seven wills which established a secret society modelled after the Jesuits and Masons to help bring in a One-World- Government centered upon Britain, and the Rhodes Scholarships.36 The inner group was established in Mar. 1891 and consisted of Rhodes, Stead, Lord Esher (Brett), and 33* Mason Alfred Milner.(33bb) A secondary circle of "potential members of the Circle of Initiates" consisted of the Jew Lord Balfour, Sir Harry Johnson, Lord Rothschild, Lord Grey and others. Initially, Lord Rothschild was part of the inner group of Rhode’s secret society, but was replaced by his son-in-law Lord Rosebury who wasn’t as conspicuous.37 The Fabian Socialists dominated the staff at Oxford when the Rhodes Scholars began arriving. These scholars then received indoctrination and preparation to become part of an international socialist New World Order.(38) The Round Table Group developed from the inner executive circle of Rhode’s secret society. The outer circle was established after the start of the 20th century. The Round Table Group was extended after W.W. I by organizing a front organization the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council of Foreign Relations was the American part of this front. The inner circle continues to direct the outer circle and its two front organizations RIIA and CFR. The CER in turn set up a number of fronts including the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR)."

Cecil Rhodes

Here is an excellent article about the beginnings of the Rhodes Secret Society:

"Dr. Quigley's Tragedy and Hope reveals a Call by Cecil Rhodes for an "American Union"

Here's some more about Cecil Rhodes

It is important to remember that Rhodes was a member of the Freemasons, an occult secret society. Many occult doctrines support the creation of a utopia whose structure would be imposed from an elite ruling class downward. This elite ruling class would be those adepts who had received the esoteric knowledge passed down to them through the degree system i.e. the Freemasons. This philosophy is also consistent with their degree system and their esoteric/exoteric model of information dissemination.

One of Cecil Rhodes' strongest influences was his professor John Ruskin. In Jim Marrs' book "Rule by Secrecy" on pages 83 - 89, the author uses many good sources to trace the beginnings of what he calls the modern secret societies. Before reading these excerpts I want to point out one specific source mentioned by Marrs....Professor Carol Quigley. Professor Quigley's research is often referenced by truth-seekers. In fact, you can not delve into this type of material without coming across his name. He is a unique source because he was in support of the New World Order and was in fact himself an elitist:

Click on the link below to learn more about Professor Quigley:

I think that this is a good spot to talk about some of the sources used in researching this type of subject material. I am still a novice in this truth-seeker endeavor, but what I have found remarkable is the consistency in the claims of these different researchers. I wouldn't waste my time on any of this material if a majority of these researchers reached widely varied conclusions. All of the researchers that I have studied (Griffin, Icke, Quigley, Marrs, Cooper, Jones, Dice, Mullins, Estulin, Hall, Mackow, Maxwell, Brown, Allen) are entirely consistent with one another. It seems to me that if they were making all this shit up that they would be consistently inconsistent! But I digress.

Here's the excerpts from Marrs' book outlining the creation of the "Modern Secret Societies":

"Like the CFR, creation of the institute [Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)] was initiated by Woodrow Wilson's adviser Colonel House, bankers Warburg and Baruch, and other member's of House's "Inquiry" group of internationalists. The RIIA was built upon an existing secret society, the Round Table Groups, established around 1910 by the trust of English diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes.

Author Donald Gibson explained these creations thusly, "The Royal Institute had been created in 1919 to perpetuate British power in the world, and it helped to create the Council on Foreign Relations as part of an effort to link England's upper class and its foreign policy interests to those of the United States." This view is echoed by author Icke, who wrote, "The so-called 'special relationship' between Britain and America is, in fact, the relationship between the RIIA and the Council on Foreign Relations." The RIIA settled in Chatham House, located in London's Saint James's Square just across from the home of the wealthy Astor family. British foreign policy is frequently said to emanate from Chatham House. Leading the creation of the RIIA was Lionel Curtis, a veteran of South Africa's Boer War who became secretary to Sir Alfred Milner, Britain's high commissioner in South Africa. Curtis had been one of the bright young protegees of Milner known as "Milner's Kindergarten." He has been described as a "British public administrator and author, advocate of British imperial federalism and of a world state, who had considerable influence on the development of the Commonwealth of Nations.... He was chiefly responsible for replacing the term [British] 'empire' with 'commonwealth.'" Milner, an "ardent imperialist" educated at Oxford and New College, provoked the Boer War of 1899-1902 by his rigid attitudes and in victory gained British control over South Africa's diamond mines and a good portion of its gold supply. It was no coincidence that Milner became a principal trustee of the estate of Cecil Rhodes, the diamond tycoon of South Africa. Cecil Rhodes, more than any other one person, provided the impetus to form several secret societies including the RIIA and the CFR, beginning with his Round Table groups. Professor Carroll Quigley, a prominent historian and professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University and President Clinton's academic mentor, explained, "The Rhodes Scholarships [Clinton received one] . . . are known to everyone. What is not so widely known is that Rhodes in five previous wills left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. And what does not seem to he known to anyone is that this secret society ... continues to exist to this day." Since Quigley and many others identify the Round Table Groups as the ancestor of the modern secret societies, it would indicate a closer look be given to Cecil Rhodes, his trustee Lord Milner, and their view- points.

Cecil Rhodes, the progenitor of the modern secret societies, and his academic mentor, John Ruskin, carried on a philosophical tradition which can be traced to ancient Greece and beyond. Others who followed this tradition included Socialist pioneers Karl Mars and Friedrich Engels. Born in 1853, Rhodes, son of the vicar of Bishop's Stortford, was steeped in religious concepts from an early age. In 1879 he joined a brother who was operating a South African cotton farm. Both brothers soon succumbed to the lure of diamond prospecting. After some initial success finding diamonds, Rhodes formed de Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd., named after the Nicolaas de Beers family mining claims he acquired. For eight years Rhodes divided his time between mining in Kimberley, South Africa, and studies at Oxford, where he fell under the spell of fine arts professor John Ruskin. The son of a prosperous wine merchant, Ruskin had departed from mainstream thinking to the extent that one biographer described his as "an inwardly difficult, lonely life, often pursued and struck at by madness." Given to frequent masturbation and nympholepsy (a frenetic fondness for underage girls), Ruskin nevertheless failed to consummate his marriage to nineteen-year-old Effie Gray in 1848. Six years later, still a virgin, she had the marriage annulled, a shocking development in those times.

Ruskin was an ardent student of the King James Version of the Bible but eventually gave up his belief in God. "John Ruskin, the man who inspired Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, and those who formed the Round Table secret society, was himself influenced by the esoteric writings of [Greek philosopher] Plato and by Madame Blavatsky [founder of the occult Theosophy Society], the books of Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton and secret societies in the mold of the Order of the Golden Dawn," wrote author Icke. Ruskin, who reportedly read Plato's Republic every day, embraced Plato's concept of the perfect society being one that had structure imposed from centralized leadership—a ruling class—downward. Marx and Engels, the founders or modern Communism, also were students of Plato and echoed Ruskin's views. Advocating tight central control over the state, either by a dictator or a special ruling class, Ruskin proclaimed, "My continual aim has been to show the eternal superiority of some men to others, sometimes even of one man to all others." According to Quigley, Rhodes was so stirred by Ruskin's philosophies that he copied one of his Oxford lectures in long-hand and kept it with him for thirty years. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, authors of The Temple and the Lodge, showed that Rhodes was active in British Freemasonry, which involved him with other prominent nineteenth century persons such as the royals George IV and William IV, as well as Lord Randolph Churchill ("Winston's father). Marquis or Salisbury, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, and Oscar Wilde. This group's preoccupation with the philosophies of Plato, Ruskin, and the Theosophist Madame Blavatsky coincided with the ideals of Freemasonry. With the aid of a close friend, German diamond merchant Alfred Beit, Rhodes expanded his diamond company until, by 1891, de Beers owned 90 percent of the world's diamond production. In the mid- 1890s Rhodes founded the Diamond Syndicate, forerunner of today's Central Selling Organization which controls almost 80 percent of the worldwide diamond trade. He also gained large control over the rapidly developing Transvaal gold mines. With ever-expanding wealth, Rhodes' dreams also grew to include plans for a railroad from South Africa to Cairo and expanding the British Empire to include that century-long dream of reclaiming the American colonies. As with the Morgans and Rockefellers, behind Rhodes we find the vast power of the Rothschild family. "They were financiers to Cecil Rhodes, making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the diamond fields of South Africa," wrote author Griffin. "They are still connected with the de Beers." In Novem- ber 1997, when Baron Edmond Adolphe Maurice Jules Jacques de Rothschild died at age seventy-one from emphysema in Geneva, it was reported that he left substantial holdings in de Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. of South Africa.

Lending support for a relationship between Rhodes and the Rothschilds was author and former British Intelligence Officer Dr. John Coleman, who wrote, "Rhodes was the principal agent for the Rothschilds .. . [who] dispossessed the South African Boers of their birth- right, the gold and diamonds that lay beneath their soil." According to Coleman, Rhodes' first Round Table group was established in South Africa with funding from the British Rothschild family to train business leaders loyal to Britain in ways to maintain control over that country's wealth. The idea of Rothschild funding behind Rhodes also was supported by author frank Aydelotte, who wrote in American Rhodes Scholarships, "In 1888 Rhodes made his third will . . . leaving everything to Lord Rothschild....." The Round Tables started out as a collection of semi-secret groups formed along the lines of the Illuminati and freemasonry with "inner" and "outer" circles and a pyramid hierarchy. The inner circle was called the Circle of Initiates (or the Elect) while the outer circle was called the Association of Helpers. Two members of Rhodes' inner Circle of Initiates were British financiers Lord Victor Rothschild and Lord Milner. Rhodes called his secret society the Round Table after the legendary meeting place of King Arthur. It should be noted that the Arthurian Legend concerning the Holy Grail is closely connected to the controversial notion of a continuing bloodline from Jesus—the Sangreal or royal blood which shall be discussed later. Coleman wrote that, armed with immense wealth gained from control of gold, diamonds and drugs, "Round Tablers fanned out throughout the world to take control of fiscal and monetary policies and political leadership in all countries where they operated." Setting an example for today's interlocking corporate directorships and tax-exempt foundations, "The Round Table itself consists of a maze of companies, institutions, banks and educational establishments, which in itself would take qualified insurance actuaries a year to sort out," according to Coleman. While some might dismiss Coleman as a conspiracy theorist, they could not say the same of Dr. Quigley. "There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act," confirmed Quigley. "I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for 20 years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments.... In general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."

Quigley's words were echoed by authors Wallechinsky and Wallace who quoted from Rhodes's will. It called for "the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be the extension of British rule throughout the world ... [to include] the ultimate recovery of the United States of America." In 1890 Queen Victoria, impressed with his imperialistic views, named Rhodes prime minister of Africa's Cape Colony. Upon his death from heart disease in 1902, Rhodes' reputation as an inflexible businessman and politician was softened by the news of his generous scheme to provide scholarships to Oxford for promising young men. Though Rhodes was praised for prohibiting the disqualification of applicants on the basis of race, it is clear he remained a product of his time since he once affirmed his desire for "equal rights for every white man." Rhodes himself was thought to have been a member of a covert group known as the "Olympians" after the Greek gods. According to author Coleman, this was merely another name for the globalists he Termed the Committee of 300. Additionally, Rhodes was thought to have been connected to the secretive and mysterious Illuminati as well, most probably through his Masonic connections. Quigley identified Rhodes' secret society in the plural as the Round Table Groups, which had added branches in seven nations by 1915. Though created by Curtis and others, funding for the society came principally from Rhodes' followers and Lord Milner. "Since 1925 there have been substantial contributions from wealthy individuals and from foundation and firms associated with the international banking fraternity, especially the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, and other organizations associated with J. P. Morgan, the Rockefeller and Whitney families . . ." Quigley added, not mentioning the Rothschilds by name.

With Rhodes's death, Milner, Rothschild, and their international banker associates gained complete control over the Round Tables, which began expanding far beyond the British Empire. Professor Quigley explained, "At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this [Round Table] system had to be greatly extended." Lionel Curtis was called upon to establish the Royal Institute of International Affairs as an umbrella organization for the Round Table Groups.

Quigley saw the goals of these groups—the chief aim of which apparently was to form the world's nations into one English-speaking entity so as to maintain peace and bring both stability and prosperity to underdeveloped areas—as "largely commendable."

In a great irony, the Round Table organization—which professed world peace as a primary goal—may have directly led to the development of the atomic bomb. During its expansion period, the Round Tables established many splinter organizations, one of which was the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, New Jersey. This was the "American copy of All Souls College at Oxford," according to Quigley. The IAS was funded liberally by the Rockefeller General Education Board. It was here that the scientists working on the atom bomb were assisted by IAS members Robert Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr, and Albert Einstein.

For all that, Quigley wrote admiringly, "They were gracious and cultured gentlemen of somewhat limited social experience who were much concerned with the freedom of expression of minorities and the rule of law for all...."

Other writers have not been so complimentary. Journalist William T. Still in his book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies wrote of "the centuries-old plans of secret societies to wrench the Constitution from the citizens of the United States."

"Rhodes committed the same error made by so many humanitarians before him," wrote author William Bramley, "he thought that he could accomplish his goals through the channels of the corrupted Brotherhood network. Rhodes therefore ended up creating institutions which promptly fell into the hands of those who would effectively use those institutions to oppress the human race."

But it was not only Round Table organizations which allowed America's wealthy and powerful to mingle and converse. In certain circles, there were fraternal connections through much more secret groups, such as the ominous Order of Skull and Bones."

Council on Foreign Relations

In describing the Council on Foreign Relations, Jim Marrs uses the following quotes:

Admiral Chester Ward, retired judge advocate general of the U.S. Navy and a longtime CFR member was quoted as saying, "CFR, as such, does not write the platforms of both political parties or select their respective presidential candidates, or control U.S. defense and foreign policies. But CFR members, as individuals, acting in concert with other individual CFR members, do."

Journalist Lucas agreed, commenting that even if one rejects a "simple- minded" dictatorial view of the CFR, "one must also recognize that influetial but private Council, composed of several hundred of the country's top political, military, business, and academic leaders, has long been the CIA's principal 'constituency' in the American public. When the agency has needed prominent citizens to front for its proprietary companies or for other special assistance, it has often turned to Council members."

CFR members who rake government positions tend to bring in fellow members. When CFR member Henry Stimson came to Washington as secretary of war in 1940, he brought with him fellow member John J. McCloy as assistant secretary for personnel. McCloy, in turn, did his part over the years to bring more CFR members to government "Whenever we needed a new man [for a government position], we just thumbed through the roll of council members and put through a call to New York," once commented McCloy, a former CFR chairman, chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, mentor to David Rockefeller, and himself foreign policy adviser to six U.S. presidents."

According to researcher William Cooper ( in his book "Behold a Pale Horse" at the core of the CFR and Bilderberg groups there is an occult presence. You can find the book in it's entirety on by clicking the link below:

Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse (#1 Underground Bestseller of All Time) (1991)
On pages 85 Mr. Cooper describes the CFR as a secret society where the esoteric occult group "The Knights of Malta" comprise the inner core of the organization. On page 88 says that the Knights of Malta are supported by the Black Nobility of Europe.

On page 86 we find some more background on the Knights of Malta:

"The Knights of Malta is a world organization with its threads weaving through business, banking, politics, the CIA, other intelligence organizations, P2, religion, education, law, military, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nations, and numerous other organizations. They are not the oldest but are one of the oldest branches of the Order of the Quest in existence. The world head of the Knights of Malta is elected for a life term, with the approval of the Pope. The Knights of Malta have their own Constitution and are sworn to work toward the establishment of a New World Order with the Pope at its head. Knights of Malta members are also powerful members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

On pages 84 - 85 He describes the Executive Committee of the CFR

"The Council on Foreign Relations has been the foremost flank of America's foreign-policy establishment for more than half a century. The Council on Foreign Relations is a private organization of business executives, scholars, and political leaders that studies global problems and plays a key role in developing U.S. foreign policy. The CFR is one of the most powerful semi-official groups concerned with America's role in international affairs. It is controlled by an elect group of men recruited from the Skull & Bones and the Scroll & Key societies of Harvard and Yale, which are both chapters of a secret branch of the Illuminati known as Chapter 322 of the Order [see page 81]. The members of the Order make up the Executive Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations after undergoing initiation into the Order of the Quest, also known as the JASON Society."

Here I would like to bring to your attention that there is very little information anywhere about the JASON society. At the same time I think it would be naive to think that there is no occult influence on the CFR, Trilateral Commission, or Bilderberg Group.

Here is one article that I was able to find regarding the JASON society:

Here's some info I found about the Order of the Golden Fleece:

Cooper doesn't mention the Order of the Golden Fleece directly....then again, he didn't have the internet when he wrote his book. From what I have read, it looks like this order is occult in nature and some of Europe's oldest noble families are initiates.

I found some quotes from Manly P. Hall (33 degree mason) in regards to the Order of the Quest that cooper refers to in his writings. I would consider Manly P. Hall a credible source and encourage all truth-seekers to examine his writings objectively. Whether or not you are convinced that all occultists are evil, there is still great truth to be found in his philosophies. Here's what he has to say in regards to the "Order of the Quest":

"All the sciences contained brilliant far-seeing men who equally desired to contribute their part to the philosophic empire of the future. Secret societies were formed in their own professions, using the emblems established in their arts to conceal their social aspirations. Thus did the Alchemists come into being, the mystic chemists seeking the elixir of life, the wise man's stone, the universal medicine, and the agent for the transmutation of metals.

The elixir of life is truth itself, the preserver of all things.

The wise man's stone is science, that can work all wonders and solve all riddles of the mortal sphere.

The universal medicine is wisdom, the only cure for ignorance, which is the universal disease.

The agent for the transmutation of metals is the pattern of the Universal State, the essence of the perfect plan for a world civilization by which all the base elements in human society can be transmuted into the spiritual gold of right purpose.

In Italy, the Illuminati sought for the pearl of great price hidden in the deep waters of mortal corruption.

In northern Europe, the Knights of the Holy Grail dedicated their lives to the search for the chalice of the passion.

Christian and Jewish Cabalists pondered the letters of the scriptures to find the secret of the crown of splendors, and the Rosicrucians in their hidden houses used the Rose of Sharon as the symbol of brotherly love, a simple rearrangement of the letters r-o-s-e becoming e-r-o-s, the Greek God of love, Eros.

All these groups belong to what is called THE ORDER OF THE QUEST. All were searching for one and the same thing under a variety of rituals and symbols. That one thing was a perfected social order, Plato's commonwealth, the government of the philosopher-king. To this end each consecrated its life and knowledge, exploring ever further into the secrets of Nature to discover the greatest secret of all--the secret of human happiness.

We are indebted to these Brothers of the Quest for our sciences, arts, and crafts of today. They were the discoverers; they were the astronomers, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, and artists whose works we treasure but whose dreams we have ignored. They gave knowledge to the world to make men happy. We have used their knowledge to make a few men rich. We have perverted their skill, desecrated their dreams, and profaned their mysticism. But the knowledge they have given us is available to be used in a nobler way, and some day we shall awaken to our responsibility with the realization that it is our common duty to restore the dignity of learning and dedicate unselfishly to the human need.

About the middle of the 17th Century, Sir Elias Ashmole, patron of the liberal arts and founder of the Ashmolian Museum at Oxford, was initiated into the guild of the operative freemasons of London, the first non-craftsman to be permitted membership. From that time on, the entire pattern of the guilds was changed, and speculative masonry came to dominate the older form of the craft, and the intellect builder came into his own. One veil of the old symbolism was lifted, to reveal in full clarity that the guilds were dedicated to a program social and political.

In this way the old dream of the philosophic empire descended from the ancient world to modern time. Secret societies still exist, and regardless of the intemperance of the times, they will continue to flourish until the Quest is complete.

For more than three thousand years, SECRET SOCIETIES have labored to create the background of knowledge necessary to the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world." - Manly P. Hall "The Secret Destiny Of America" p.7

In regards to the meaning of the name "Jason" and the "Golden Fleece":

Author's note: The name may even have a deeper meaning, as the name "Jason" and the Golden Fleece appear throughout history in relation to various other secret societies. In these instances the story represents man (Jason) looking for himself (Golden Fleece).

Considering that before these modern and more public secret societies and political organizations came into existence (CFR, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Club, ect.), the elite were exercising their control strictly through occult organizations (all of which had rites of initiation where knowledge is revealed to initiates in stages or degrees...hence the degree system of modern universities), it is hard to imagine that occult philosophies no longer play a role in modern politics. I know I am digressing once again, but I think the best way to illustrate the way this has worked in the past is to post the following material:

More on Albert Pike and his letter to Mazinni here and here There is no conclusive proof that the letter ever existed. Nevertheless, the contents of the letter are consistent with Pike's overall philosophy.


Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the occult and the modern secret societies, I would like to present to you this excellent documentary to reinforce the ideas presented above. The second part of the documentary talks about 9/11 and the 3rd part covers about the Federal Reserve. We will cover both those subjects extensively later on in separate blogs.

A large amount of theological information is about to be presented in beginning of this documentary. It would be an enormous project to fact check every item presented and I think it would do a disservice to the theme of this blog to reserve that much space to sourcing this documentary. I embedded Zeitgeist in this Occult Mystery Schools Illuminati Bohemian Grove blog to reinforce this pattern of esoteric/exoteric truth. I doubt that every theological item presented is 100% accurate, but at the same time, I firmly believe that the overall theme of the documentary is highly accurate. Please keep this in context and don't loose site of the larger theme as you absorb this information.

"The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun" - Thomas Paine 1737 - 1809

In the Foreward to "Turning the Hiram Key" written by Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight, Colin Wilson writes:

"As anyone who has read the latter will know, it claims that the Roman Catholic Church has always been deeply opposed to the Templars and Priory of Sion because they preserved the truth about the life of Jesus – and that truth has nothing in common with the Christianity of St Paul, in which Jesus died on the cross to save men from the consequences of Original Sin. The fact is, Lomas and Knight insist, that Jesus was a man, not a god, and the Roman Catholic Church is therefore built on a myth. (The Hiram Key even quotes Pope Leo X as saying ‘It has served us well, this myth of Christ’. But then, some would say that Leo was himself a member of the Priory of Sion.) This could account for the immense and long-standing hostility of the Church to Freemasonry."

David Icke on Religion

One of the major characters in occult theology is Thoth-Hermes who said "as above so below" in reference to the belief that the movements of the heavens are reflected on earth. This is one of the tenets of esoteric knowledge passed down through the ages. It does not mean the the events of the ancient texts did not happen in a literal sense. It just states that there is a connection between the events taking place in the heavens and those taking place here on Earth.

I think that what the ancients figured out in the mystery schools is that EVERYTHING is a symbol (this is entirely consistent and has been verified by Quantum Physics). Even the things that we touch and see are merely symbols of some greater reality that is filtered through our senses then experienced by our ego. Our ego is then experienced by our consciousness, but we are only capturing the small glimpse of the totality of the universe in which we live. The occultists believe in the same principals as the quantum physicists in that you never really have any direct experience of anything material.

Even the planets and the stars were symbols of a higher truth and the events that take place on earth are merely shadows of the events that were taking place in the heavens.

Symbols affect consciousness as consciousness affects symbols (see quantum physics blog). This is one of the great secrets that the initiates wanted to keep out of the hands of the masses. Could this be what happened to Atlantis (profane using the power of symbols and consciousness to destroy themselves)?

Before continuing I need to say that I am not anti-occult and I don't believe that occultism is evil. In fact, I would say occultism is merely a neutral expression of wisdom and it is entirely consistent with quantum physics. What I have a problem with is the exoteric version of truth that is thrust upon the masses. I think it is evil to withhold wisdom for any purpose. And of course nobody, other than the elite, would agree that true knowledge should be used by a small group of individuals in order to suppress the rest of the population.

Bohemian Grove

The following documentary on Bohemian Grove provides proof that occult practices are still taking place among the world's elite:

For background on the god Molech click here

German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt addresses the elite of the world at a lakeside talk (in 1991). Helmut Schmidt, in his own autobiography, "Men and Powers, a Political Retrospective", says that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilberberg group. He also says that he has been an active participant in bringing in world government. Mr. Schmidt also said in his book that leaders from globalist bodies travel to the Grove every summer. He talks about secret groves in Germany where they do druidic rituals, but indicates that Bohemian Grove is his favorite place to participate in these rituals.

Click here for more pictures and background info on Bohemian Grove.

You may be wondering why these people are participating in this occult ceremony. Is this a harmless act? Before making up your mind as to whether this annual gathering known as the Cremation of Care is a form of black magic, or a harmless play put on by a cast of powerful elitists, we should examine the words of Manly P. Hall on page 101 of "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" (embedded above). Mr. Hall describes ceremonial magic:

"CEREMONIAL magic is the ancient art of invoking and controlling spirits by a scientific application of certain formula. A magician, enveloped in sanctified vestments and carrying a wand inscribed with hieroglyphic figures, could by the power vested in certain words and symbols control the invisible inhabitants of the elements and of the astral world. While the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion several false schools of sorcery, or black magic.

Does this kinda sound similar to what we just saw in the video? Mr. Hall goes on...


Some understanding of the intricate theory and practice of ceremonial magic may be derived from a brief consideration of its underlying premises.

First. The visible universe has an invisible counterpart, the higher planes of which are peopled by good and beautiful spirits; the lower planes, dark and foreboding, are the habitation of evil spirits and demons under the leadership of the Fallen Angel and his ten Princes.

Second. By means of the secret processes of ceremonial magic it is possible to contact these invisible creatures and gain their help in some human undertaking. Good spirits willingly lend their assistance to any worthy enterprise, but the evil spirits serve only those who live to pervert and destroy.

Third. It is possible to make contracts with spirits whereby the magician becomes for a stipulated time the master of an elemental being.

Fourth. True black magic is performed with the aid of a demoniacal spirit, who serves the sorcerer for the length of his earthly life, with the understanding that after death the magician shall become the servant of his own demon. For this reason a black magician will go to inconceivable ends to prolong his physical life, since there is nothing for him beyond the grave.

The most dangerous form of black magic is the scientific perversion of occult power for the gratification of personal desire. Its less complex and more universal form is human selfishness, for selfishness is the fundamental cause of all worldly evil. A man will barter his eternal soul for temporal power, and down through the ages a mysterious process has been evolved which actually enables him to make this exchange. In its various branches the black art includes nearly all forms of ceremonial magic, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, and vampirism. Under the same general heading are also included mesmerism and hypnotism, except when used solely for medical purposes, and even then there is an element of risk for all concerned.

Though the demonism of the Middle Ages seems to have disappeared, there is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern thought--especially the so-called "prosperity" psychology, "willpower-building" metaphysics, and systems of "high-pressure" salesmanship--"

The following article from Spy Magazine documents a reports infiltration into the grove written in 1989:

When the writer speaks of the homosexual undertones of Cremation of Care Ceremony, he says at one point:

"They spoke of "fairy unguents" that would free men to pursue warm fellowship, and I was reminded of something Herman Wouk wrote about the Grove: "Men can decently love each other; they always have, but women never quite understand."

The grove member(s) making this statement may not have been referring to some homo-erotic idea, but rather an ancient belief in extra-dimensional beings who hold a certain power over this dimension. Manly P. Hall describes this belief in The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

"Fairies are the delight of childhood, and most children give them up with reluctance. Not so very long ago the greatest minds of the world believed in the existence of fairies, and it is still an open question as to whether Plato, Socrates, and Iamblichus were wrong when they avowed their reality."

"The civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, and India believed implicitly in satyrs, sprites, and goblins. They peopled the sea with mermaids, the rivers and fountains with nymphs, the air with fairies, the fire with Lares and Penates, and the earth with fauns, dryads, and hamadryads. These Nature spirits were held in the highest esteem, and propitiatory offerings were made to them. Occasionally, as the result of atmospheric conditions or the peculiar sensitiveness of the devotee, they became visible. Many authors wrote concerning them in terms which signify that they had actually beheld these inhabitants of Nature's finer realms. A number of authorities are of the opinion that many of the gods worshiped by the pagans were elementals, for some of these invisibles were believed to be of commanding stature and magnificent deportment."

"The idea once held, that the invisible elements surrounding and interpenetrating the earth were peopled with living, intelligent beings, may seem ridiculous to the prosaic mind of today. This doctrine, however, has found favor with some of the greatest intellects of the world. The sylphs of Facius Cardin, the philosopher of Milan; the salamander seen by Benvenuto Cellini; the pan of St. Anthony; and le petit homme rouge (the little red man, or gnome) of Napoleon Bonaparte, have found their places in the pages of history."

Carl Jung, The Collective Unconscious, and Pagaeantry

This article offers an interesting view as to why the Cremation of Care Ceremony is performed:

"One of the favored methods used by elites to effect people on a mass scale is Pageantry; the ability to create an entire environment that overloads the five senses and the unconscious mind with subliminal and archetypal messaging.

Another purpose to pageantry and ceremony is to influence people to experience what [Carl] Jung, [the founder of analytical psycology] called the “Collective Unconscious,” an intuitive psychological network to which all people are unconsciously connected. Most of us are only vaguely aware of this connection, but the evidence of its existence can be seen in the identical archetypal symbolism of every culture at any point in history.

Almost every religion uses symbolic ceremony to create a collective experience of the unconscious. These ceremonies can help people to better understand themselves, and their relationship to humanity as a whole, however, such pageants can also be used to enslave the minds of an entire group through a collective sense of fear, guilt, and rage. This is why many of the ancient mystery sects of Babylon and Egypt used human sacrifice during ceremony.

It is normally written off by historians as zealotry and lunacy, but there is a very tangible purpose behind sacrificial ceremonies. The act of collective murder is incredibly invasive and can put an unbreakable stranglehold on the psyches of those who participate. Often, these ceremonies are meant to create a rift which allows people to ignore conscience; the intuitive and inborn force which helps us to find peace and balance. The witnesses and perpetrators of such an event are often bound emotionally for years or even decades after.

That is why the Global Elites of today still portray sacrifice in their pageants, like the “Cremation of Care” (cremation of conscience) ceremony at Bohemian Grove in Northern California, which many U.S. presidents have attended, including George W. Bush. Take note of the numerous references to Babylon in this ceremony, as well as the stone statue of Moloch, the Babylonian god of death and sacrifice.

Another elitist group that still uses sacrifice in effigy (perhaps real as well) is the Skull and Bones Society which holds in its ranks such well known politicians a George H.W. Bush, George W Bush, and John Kerry.

The idea that our world leaders even pretend to commit acts of human sacrifice should be extremely disturbing to anyone who understands the psychological implications of pageantry and mind control. No leader of men should be separated from his conscience."

Could this use of black magic be exactly what happens when occult adepts become corrupt? They may be well-intentioned when first joining their secret society of choice, but as more knowledge becomes revealed to them they turn towards black magic as a means to satisfy their own ego. As adepts discover that black magic can be used as a tool to help them advance in this illusionary material world, you have to assume that some would not be able to resist the temptation to exploit this power. Perhaps this is how the controlling elite get to become as powerful as they are and why they are inclined to force upon the masses a system of ego worship. In the next segment we will examine the greatest black magic spell ever cast upon humanity (Fractional Reserve Banking), but before we go there it is worth your attention to learn about the Georgia Guidestones:

Georgia Guidestones

There are a couple of spots in the video clips below where the audio cuts out. Please be aware that during these audio blackout periods, you are not missing anything as far as content...the important content is video only.

The name on the guideston R.C. Christian is a reference to the Rosicrucians.

Manly P. Hall give a brief overview of the possible origins of the Rosecrucians in "Teachings of All Ages" (click here to go to the chapter "The Fraternity of the Rose Cross")

"Who was the mysterious person referred to as "Our Illustrious Father and Brother C.R.C."? Did those three letters actually stand for the words "Christian Rosie Cross"? Was Christian Rosencreutz, the supposed author of the Chymical Nuptials, the same person who with three others founded "The Society of the Rose Cross"?"

The name R.C. Christian is an obvious reference to Christian Rosencreutz and the order of the Rose and Cross.


Click here to go further down the rabbit hole.


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